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Computing Services during the Annual CERN Shutdown

  David Underhill IT/CIO

CERN will close for the annual shutdown on Friday 18th December at 17:30 and reopen on Monday January 4th 1999 at 08:30. With the exception of dedicated engineering services, Computing Services provided by IT division will be left running unattended during this period. There is, therefore, no guarantee that any problems that may arise will be resolved before January 4th. In particular, we would like to remind users that we cannot guarantee backups for Home Directory files for either Unix or PC users during the shutdown. Any changes that you make to your files during this period may be lost in the event of a disk failure.

A reduced level of operator coverage will be available and users should call the operators (75011) or send an E-mail to if they encounter problems. An answering machine will respond during periods when no operator is available. Users who suspect a problem with networking equipment should call Network Operations (74927). The Web interface to the network database will be available but no requests for new network connections, moves or changes will be accepted.

As in previous years, some reconfiguration of the SHIFT services is necessary, but this will take place during the week of January 4th, 1999. Experiments will be notified if their services will be affected during this period.

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