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Information for Authors and Readers

The CNL Web home page is at URL:

Past experience shows that it is a good policy to have four CNL editions per year (one around Easter, one before and one after the summer, and the last one just before Christmas), unless the number of contributions is such as to make it necessary to have a supplementary issue, or to cancel one. Accordingly, the deadline for contributions to the next issue of the CNL is

Tuesday 1st June 1999.

Contributions to the CNL in HTML will be preferred, although plain text is also acceptable. Articles, news items and letters intended for publication in the next issue should be sent directly to the editor ( with no particular subject line required.

The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of the CERN Management. The Editors reserve the right to edit or omit articles, or hold-over copy due to lack of space.

The compressed PostScript file containing the complete printable version of this CNL will be available from the Web via "anonymous ftp" on "". Please note that, since the master version is in HTML, and there is not yet a perfect HTML to PS generator (some handwork is still required), this printable version may differ a little from the original HTML source file. In any case the Web version (HTML) must be taken as the reference.

All subscriptions to our distribution lists can be made through the CNL "Help&Info" page, at URL:

It is possible to subscribe:

N.B. You can also cancel your subscription in either case by filling in the appropriate form (same URL as above).

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

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