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News from the User Support Bookshop

  Roger Woolnough and Jutta Megies IT/User Support

Since the last CNL we have received the following new books to add to the catalogue:

  1. Simulink Dynamic system simulation (Mathworks): this is the software that goes with the Student edition of MATLAB 5 that is already on sale; it has been requested by the engineering group to complement what we already offer.
  2. Adobe FrameMaker (version 5.5) (Adobe): this is the official Framemaker manual from Adobe. It comes in a bundle with a "getting started guide", the "user guide" and a "quick reference card". It complements the tutorial we already have in stock called Classroom in a Book.
  3. The Essential Distributed Objects (Orfali, Harkey, Edwards): another title stocked by popular request and covering distributed objects, component technologies and their standards.
  4. The Linux Kernel Book (Card, Dumas, Mevel): a book on Linux kernel internals, the current version is based on 2.0 although it has a section describing differences with 2.2. Comparable to the "Linux Kernel Internals" by M. Beck et al. Its distinctive feature is a wider introduction to Linux and to the development tools under Linux. Also, the specific kernel chapters are carefully structured, starting from a Basic Concepts section and progressing to Implementation details at the end.
  5. C++ For C programmers (Pohl): a new edition of this popular book, the title being self-explanatory.
  6. Perl CookBook (by Christiansen, Torkington): this book is stocked by popular demand. It is a relatively new book from O'Reilly that contains a collection of problems, solutions and practical examples. This book is published as a companion to "Programming Perl", our best selling book on the subject.
  7. Perl in a Nutshell (by Siever, Spainhour, Patwardhan): from the popular O'Reilly Nutshell series this is a useful reference guide to the Perl programming language.
  8. The Unix CD Bookshelf: this is a 6 book CD-ROM included with a paper copy of Unix in a Nutshell. The six books are, Unix Power Tools, Learning the Unix operating system, sed & awk, Learning the vi editor, Learning the korn shell and Unix in a Nutshell. The CD is extensively hyperlinked and runs on most platforms, including Linux of course.
  9. Digital Unix system administrators guide (by Cheek): requested by the Digital Unix analysts from IT, this book is the first reference guide dedicated to Digital Unix. Valid for basic and advanced users and covers mainly version 4.0.

We are also selling AutoDesk manuals for the IT/CE group. We have the set of books both in English and in French on sale.

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