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A New Mail Address for SPAM Complaints

  Dietrich Wiegandt IT/IA

Following a de facto standard in the Internet world a new contact address at CERN has been defined for matters related to unsolicited bulk mail (SPAM). Please direct your questions or complaints concerning SPAM to

This will allow us to share the work load more efficiently.

We would also like to ask that, in case you forward an unwanted message to us, please include as much message header information as possible as this contains the relevant data about the routing of the message and sometimes its real origin. It should help us to define the filtering measures more quickly.

To achieve this do the following:

When you use pine,
press the H key to enable the full header display of the SPAM message and then type F to forward the message as an attachment to
When you use Netscape 4 mail,
enable full header display with View/Headers/All and then forward the SPAM message as an attachment to

If you don't know what a SPAM message is (lucky person!) read the full story of the CERN anti-Spam defence at:

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