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A Web Interface to the Mail Tools

  Marco Ganz IT/IA

The CERN Mail Service provides several useful tools that allow users to better customize their mail environment. Access to these advanced features has always been possible through a set of command line tools accessible by connecting (via telnet) to the Mail Server. A Web interface has now been created to provide easier and more intuitive access to most of these features (important particularly for less experienced users) and accessible by Netscape Navigator at:

To connect to this Web interface you must know your Mail Server login and password (i.e. the one used to read mails by Netscape - note that this is specific for the Mail Server and has nothing to do with that of other central services like AFS or NICE).

Once connected a new window is open (fig. 1) which contains the user description (on top) and the actions you can perform. Actions are grouped in the following sets:

Clicking on a group name you get access to its actions. To execute one action you must simply click on the corresponding link and follow the given instructions.

All actions take effect immediately, so for example if you enable your vacation message you can immediately test it by sending a message to yourself. Once you have finished, remember to logout from the interface by clicking on the "logout" button at the top of the window.

For detailed information about the above tools please refer to our documentation pages at:

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