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If you need Help

Phone Location E-mail Address
Computing Help Desk 78888 513/R-052 Helpdesk@cern.ch
        Opening hours: 9:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30
Administrative Applications (EDH, BHT, etc.)   79933 5/R-021 Ais.Support@cern.ch
        Opening hours: 8.30-12:30 and 13:30-17.30
Central Computer Operators 75011 513/R-049 Computer.Operations@cern.ch
(24/24 hours on call)
General Network Operational Problems 74927 Network.Support@cern.ch

Contacts at CERN
The "Computing Help Desk" (also known as the UCO - User Consultancy Office) is the proposed central point for help on all computer-related issues. Following is a non-exhaustive list of individual people responsible or assigned to a given service. If you do not find a pointer to the service you need, then contact the "Computing Help Desk" for submitting your request. For all the services listed below please use the generic electronic mail address whenever possible. These mailboxes will be read even when the usual specialist is absent. It is helpful to use relevant keywords in the subject field of your message. Contact specialists directly only for very urgent cases or for very general consultations. Note that for the Web version of this page the "Service Definition" can be a link to the Welcome page of this service: we invite you to read carefully all the information given in this page before submitting a question/problem.
Service Definition Name E-mail Address
User Relations and Service Manager M.Marquina Helpdesk@cern.ch
Help Desk Manager R.Woolnough Helpdesk@cern.ch
User Registration M.C.Perler User.Registration@cern.ch
Accounting Service A.Koppanyi Helpdesk@cern.ch
Computer BookShop J.Megies COBS.Service@cern.ch
PLUS Services (Public Login Servers for interactive UNIX) P.Martucci Pietro.Martucci@cern.ch
CORE Services
- CSF (Simulation Cluster) V.Doré Csf.Support@cern.ch
- SHIFT (Reconstruction & Analysis Clusters) T.Cass Tony.Cass@cern.ch
- PCSF (Windows NT simulation cluster) A.Miotto pcsf-support@listbox.cern.ch
- CORE Operations M.Vergari Mario.Vergari@cern.ch
Work Group Servers T.Cass Tony.Cass@cern.ch
NAP and Parallel Applications E.Mcintosh Eric.Mcintosh@cern.ch
Direct Support for Physics H.Renshall Harry.Renshall@cern.ch
Central VMS Services vxcern.support@cern.ch
Oracle Databases S.Santiago Oracle.Support@cern.ch
CERN-wide Print Service J.L.Vosdey Printer.Support@cern.ch
Tape Allocations and Vault Space R.Minchin Richard.Minchin@cern.ch
Stager, tapes and TMS support Tape.Support@cern.ch
Central Data Recording (CDR) Cdr.Support@cern.ch
Desktop Infrastructure Services A.Silverman Alan.Silverman@cern.ch
Distributed File Services (incl. AFS) Afs.Support@cern.ch
NICE (Networked PCs) F.Hemmer Nice.Support@cern.ch
MACintoshes Support F. Ovett Mac.Support@cern.ch
MACintoshes Sales W.Hug Waltraud.Hug@cern.ch
PC Desktop (Repairs and Sales) C.Ball PC.Admin@cern.ch
UNIX/LINUX Support P.Defert Philippe.Defert@cern.ch
Contact Accounts (according to OS):
HP 700 s/w: Hp.Support@cern.ch SUN s/w: Sun.Support@cern.ch
Solaris s/w: Solaris.Support@cern.ch RS/6000 s/w: Aix.Support@cern.ch
Digital Unix s/w: Dunix.Support@cern.ch X terminals: Xterminal.Support@cern.ch
PaRC Service (Engineering Cluster) P.Martucci Parc.Support@cern.ch
CERN Program Library L.Besson Heplib.Support@cern.ch
PAW Support O.Couet Paw.Support@cern.ch
LHC++ and GEANT Heplib.Support@cern.ch
Software Development Tools   SDT.Support@cern.ch
Adobe FrameMaker   Docsys.Support@cern.ch
All comments, problem reports, and suggestions can be reported via the "Feedback" Web form
accessible from the IT-CE Home page (link "Feedback" on the left).
The complete and up-to-date list of contacts is in the "Communications Systems Group" Home page,
at URL: http://network.cern.ch
Mail Support Mail.Support@cern.ch
Web Services F.Fluckiger Www.Support@cern.ch
Computer Security Information J.Gamble Computer.Security@cern.ch

Some Useful Web Pages

TvScreen (Systems Status) http://wwwcio.cern.ch/Others/TvScreen.html
Network Connection Request Form http://network.cern.ch/register
Remote/Mobile Computing http://network.cern.ch/mobile
Computing HelpDesk http://consult.cern.ch/service/helpdesk/
User Registration http://consult.cern.ch/service/registration/
COmputing Books Selling (COBS) Service http://consult.cern.ch/service/bookshop/
Accounting Service http://consult.cern.ch/service/accounting/
Mail Services http://consult.cern.ch/service/mail/
ListBox Mailing List Service http://consult.cern.ch/service/listbox/
Netscape Service http://consult.cern.ch/service/netscape/
FrameMaker Support http://framemaker.cern.ch/
Text Processing related documentation http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/asdoc/textproc.html
IT Home Page http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/
User Support http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/support
NICE Home Page http://nicewww.cern.ch/
PC Support Service Page http://pcwww.cern.ch/
PC Farms Homepage http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/pdp/pc/
UNIX Workstation and X Terminals Support http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/dis/ose/Support.html
Software Development Tools http://www.cern.ch/PTTOOLS/
Computing Support for Engineering http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/ce
Joint Controls Project (LHC Experiments) http://itcowww.cern.ch/ITCO/jcop/
Web Services http://www.cern.ch/CERN/Divisions/IT/IA/services/website/Welcome.htmle
Web Office http://www.cern.ch/WebOffice
Web Office / DWG http://www.cern.ch/CERN/meetings/DWG/Members.html
Web Office / Guidelines http://www.cern.ch/WebOffice/Guidelines/

Other Computing Newsletters
COMPUTING FOR ENGINEERING: See the CERN Computing Support for Engineering Newsletter,
Distribution M.Tate-Lavergne Monique.Tate-Lavergne@cern.ch
Editor L.Pregernig Ludwig.Pregernig@cern.ch

Designation Usual Location Organizer(s) Div. Telephone E-mail Address
Computing Colloquia Auditorium / bldg 500 S.Jarp IT 74944 Sverre.Jarp@cern.ch
Computing Seminars IT Auditorium 31/3-005 G.Folger IT 79778 Computing.Seminar@cern.ch
Technical Presentations IT Auditorium 31/3-005 S.Cannon IT 75036 Stanley.Cannon@cern.ch
Informatics Tutorials IT Auditorium 31/3-005 M.Marquina
IT IT-Training.Service@cern.ch

Computer Resources Allocation and Divisional Contacts

Chairman: H.Hoffmann/DG 60/5-006 75458 Hans.Falk.Hoffmann@cern.ch
Secretary: H.Meinhard/EP 1/1-028 76031 Helge.Meinhard@cern.ch

For questions about new registration and resource allocation please ask the contact person for your division.
Div. Repres. Div. Repres. Div. Repres. Div. Repres. Div. Repres.
AS M. Draper AT P. Heymans IT A. Koppanyi DSU M. Draper FI M. Saitta
EST Ch. Delamare PE D. Duret EP A. Bjorkebo PS J. Riche SL M. Bornand
ST E. Sanchez-Corral TH E.Gianolio TIS G.R. Stevenson
NICE Divisional Representatives
See URL: http://nicewww.cern.ch/homepage/nicerepr.htm

For questions about new installations, testing, local coordination, etc., please ask the contact person for your division (or, if you are an experimental physicist, the networking contact person within your experimental group).
The complete and up-to-date list of contacts is given in the "Communications Systems Group" Home page, at URL: http://network.cern.ch

For matters related to this article please contact the author.


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