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New Help Desk Service in Building 40

  Nicole Crémel, Miguel Marquina and Roger Woolnough IT/User Support

Following consultations with the ATLAS and CMS community the User Support team have established a 'satellite' Helpdesk in Building 40. This service provides the B40 area and nearby with a personal contact to Help Desk Staff as well as a service for both book browsing and documentation supply.

As this service just started at the beginning of June the project is in its infancy and being moulded to suit the needs of the community. As a start the new desk at the entrance to Building 40 is staffed

               Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  10:00-12:00
Long term goals of the Help Desk service are to extend these hours as needed and even open other such Desks providing the service is well used. We have taken advantage of the fact that the first month of opening co-incides with ATLAS and CMS weeks in an attempt to reach as many users as possible.

While we are still in negotiations with the Helpdesk service provider in order to accomodate these resources in the outsourcing contract, we will operate the new Desk with our existing resources; this means in practice that during the same three periods only one person (instead of the usual two) will man the Desk in building 513, therefore closing down the counter. Phone and email will still be regularly attended as usual, i.e.:

               Phone number: 78888
               Email       :
               Web         :
Do not hesitate to contact us (by email to for additional information or feedback regarding this matter.

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