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Letter from the Editor

I am taking the advantage of this section to announce that, for the first time, very recent Web technologies and the Extensible Markup Language XML have been used to process this issue of the CNL.

Our IT expert and technical editor, Michel Goossens, has developed a XML-based setup for the CNL, which translates the articles, marked up in slighted augmented XHTML (the XML version of HTML, that can be obtained, for instance, by using the tidy program with the -asxml switch) into a series of linked Web pages, both for viewing and printing. From the same XML sources a LaTeX file is also produced, that is then typeset to generate the PostScript version.

The CNL can be seen as an example of what is possible to achieve by using XML and its associated tools. I invite those of you who are interested in the technical details to read (or re-read) the following articles:

In any case I will let you discover the contents of this new issue, and hope that you will enjoy reading all of this NewsLetter no 236,

Nicole Crémel - CNL editor, IT/User Support
Michel Goossens - Technical editor, IT/ASD

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