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News from the Computing Bookshop

Roger Woolnough and Jutta Megies , IT/User Support

This month the new Pearson Group finally took over the Addison/Wesley/Longman distribution. Unfortunately, our deliveries and those of many other bookshops from the new location have proved very troublesome. We went from receiving AWL books from Belgium in 4 days to delays of over 3 weeks.

We believe that this is now over but we would like to apologise to those users who had to wait for books. We have to just say that these problems were beyond our control and we hope that using the CERN DHL contract we will be back to normal as of end August. The book distribution centre is now situated just outside London, and we now have direct contact with them to report any delivery problems.

As it is a generally quiet time we have only a few new titles since the last CNL. As promised, the new book by Michel Goossens is now in stock, entitled the "Latex Web Companion, Integrating TeX, HTML and XML". This book, like the other two in the Companion series will undoubtedly be a best seller for the bookshop.

We have copies of the "Dreamweaver 2 Bible" which covers all aspects of this Web authoring tool. The "Bible" series from IDG books has been very popular for Office 97 applications.

With the arrival of Windows 2000 in the near future we have some copies of the Microsoft book, "Windows 2000 Beta Training Kit". This book is being used by the NICE team and provides all the advance information one needs to learn the new system. In the coming months we will be working with the NICE team to bring you the documentation needed to keep up to date with any changes made.

Nous avons reçu quelques copies en Français du livre "C++ Programming Language" de Stroustrup: "C++ - Troisième Èdition du livre de ... BJARNE STROUSTRUP - Le créateur du C++". C'est une très bonne traduction de ce livre de référence pour le C++.

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