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SPIDER CVS Getting Started

Armin Simma , IT/IPT

CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) is a system used for version control. With CVS the various versions of files, the history and the differences between them can be managed. It also supports developers working simultaneously on the same file.

In contrast to the many user manuals about CVS this "CVS Getting Started" is intended for developers who have no experience with CVS and would like to start working with it. Throughout the whole document examples and figures are used to illustrate the usage of the basic CVS commands. The reader can follow the examples and thereby learn how to use CVS.

The "CVS Getting Started" covers the following topics:

The document was produced in the course of the SPIDER project and is available in pdf format under:

On UNIX, CVS is available as a package from ASIS. There is also an introduction to CVS as part of the IT Tutorial series by Raul Ramos-Pollan, of which the last recording is available under:

More information on CVS and Configuration Management in general can be found under:

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