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Letter from the Editor

This is certainly too late now to advertize this last issue of the CNL for the Millennium as a
``special Y2K edition!''

However I am taking advantage of this section to bring to your attention on some articles which are still Y2K-related:

We think and hope that CERN has made all the necessary efforts so that users will not suffer from the Y2K problem. However, in order to prevent any possible and unexpected issues, all staff in IT division have been asked to be present on Monday, Januuary 3rd, so that support for users, in case of problems, is as good as possible.

We remind the users that all information regarding "Y2K efforts at CERN" is available on the Web page maintained by Sverre Jarp, the CERN Y2K coordinator, at URL:

and accessible from the CERN Home Page.

In addition I am happy to see an increasing number of contributions for this CNL, in various areas, which show that the service responsibles in IT still consider the Computing NewsLetter as a good channel to inform their users. In particular, I am pretty sure that many users will appreciate the two tutorials made in "The Learning Zone" chapter, one on the new "X11 Desktop Environments (KDE and GNOME)" and "A Guide to Web Colouring". I can only encourage now the readers to provide some feedback in return, and tell us which section they like or find useful (negative feedback is accepted as well!): this will be collected in future CNL issues in the "Letter to the Editor" part (which has been empty for some time).

At this time of the year let me finish by wishing you and your family


A Happy New Year
and New Millenium!


Nicole Crémel - CNL editor, IT/User Support

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