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Java Utilities in the ASIS Software Repository

Ignacio Reguero , German Cancio Melia , IT/DIS and Mark Donszelmann , IT/IPT

Due to the growing interest of the Physics community in Java, the SUN Java development kit (JDK) has been installed in the ASIS and NICE software repositories since mid 1998.

A Perl wrapper to the JDK has been provided in order to ease version switching. The --version option or JDKVERSION environment variable allow to point to different JDK kits as the references to the system classes and shared libraries are handled by the wrapper. The same wrapper is in production both for Windows and Unix systems.

The JDK commands are available in /usr/local/bin. The default version is 1.1.6 (1.1.5 on HP-UX). The JDK 1.2 is available for Solaris, Linux, and AIX.

A set of Java libraries and utilities have also been installed in ASIS. It is planned to mirror these libraries and utilities in the NICE repository for Windows systems.

These products are maintained by the persons having strong interest in them. The ASIS team provides these persons with support and tools to update the products in the ASIS repository.

The CERN Wired project has provided a broad set of Java utilities and components used in their framework. These include:

Notable Java objects in use by other projects are also available: The main directory under which these components are found is
Their documentation can be found under

To conclude, here follow the products currently available in the JAVA ASIS "family":

jdk-1.0.2           jdk-1.2alpha        lotusxsl-0.18.3     junit-2.1
aelfred-1.2a        jdk-1.0.3           jdk-1.2beta3        orbacus-3.2
bsh-0.96            jdk-1.1.3           jdk-1.2beta4        swing-1.1.1
colt-1.0b3          jdk-1.1.4           jdkwrap-1.0         xml4j-2.0.15
infobus-1.2         jdk-1.1.5           jikes-1.06          xt-19991102
javamail-1.1.2      jdk-1.1.6           jprint-0.9          jdk-1.2.2
jaf-1.0.1           jdk-1.2             jprint-1.0

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