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Springer UNIX Print Server Removal

Jean-Louis Vosdey , IT/CIO for the Printer Support team

This article is mainly a re-production of an article which had been published in CNL 235. However as some information were not any more valid we are publishing in this CNL issue a new up-to-date version for this article.

SPRINGER : For a long time now Springer has been the major Print Server in the computer centre. It continues however to run a very old version of Ultrix that is not Y2K compliant. For this reason every effort is being made to move printers away from this particular server and onto the new PRINT service composed of a series of LINUX PC's which are Y2K compliant. Following the current schedule this move should be completed by December 1999 and Springer taken out of service.)

As a result of these changes the following has become necessary:
xprint as used by unix users has been rewritten.

From now on, the new PRINTER WIZARD enables users to print from W95, W98 and WNT PC platforms, whether they are connected to NICE or not.


Note: More explanations and answers to your questions can be found at the URL address:

Furthermore, the gateway (PCCIO04) between Windows NT users and Springer has become redundant and has been taken out of service at the end of September. Consequently we strongly recommend users to use PRINTER WIZARD on Windows NT.

An update of any modifications or new features, where printing is concerned, will appear in future issues of the Cern Computing Newsletter.

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

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