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Letter from the Editor

With this first edition of the Computer NewsLetter for the year 2000 you will notice that we have undertaken a small review in CNL numbering: instead of continuing basic incremental numbering (which would have brought this CNL to no 238) we are starting something more "professional", helping the users to associate immediately an "approximate date" with a given article. The first CNL was published on February 15th, 1966, which means that CNL publication is 34 years old ! Consequently this new issue will be referenced with:

Vol. XXXIV, issue no 1

which indicates that this is the first issue for the year 2000, after thirty-four (XXXIV) years of publication.

We will try, during this year, to give to the CNL (and especially to the Web version), a "nicer" look&feel and your ideas, as readers, will be very welcome.

We will very much welcome as well external contributions, and especially in the section "The Learning Zone " which is not at all CERN-specific. You could also contribute to the quite recent "Just For Fun ... " section if you want to share some "good" computing jokes with your colleagues.

I hope you enjoy reading all of this NewsLetter CERN-CNL-2000-001,

Nicole Crémel - CNL editor, IT/User Support

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

Vol. XXXIV, issue no 1

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