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News from the User Support Bookshop

Roger Woolnough and Jutta Megies , IT/User Support

Several new books and editions have been received since the last CNL and we also have a new supplier with Hachette France. Towards the end of last year, we started to stock English dictionaries by popular demand. We naturally wanted to extend this to French and French/English copies as well, and Hachette will enable this to happen in the coming weeks. As the Oxford University Press dictionaries are compiled in association with Hachette we felt this would add continuity to the collection.

As far as computing books are concerned the most important arrival has been the Special Edition of the ``C++ Programming Language'' by Stroustrup. This is a complete rewrite of the book which is now a hard-back edition of over 1000 pages. The only disadvantage is that we pay our Pearson account in dollars and with the present exchange rate the book now costs 75ChFrs. The other new edition we have in stock is ``Visual Modelling with rational Rose 2000'' by Quatrani.

New books added to the list this year are :

  1. Learning Red Hat Linux from O'Reilly
  2. Dynamic HTML
  3. Essential GNI
  4. Teach yourself C for Linux
  5. Goal Directed Project Management
  6. The Grid

We also have the CD for the new CERN certified version of Red Hat Linux 6.1 with a lot of Linux documentation. The ASIS CD contains a recent and almost complete snapshot of ASIS including CERNLIB 2000, TeXlive 4.00, Star Office, Netscape 4.7. The products are now available in RPM format. For more information on these CDs, see:

For those persons using the MATLAB programme we used to have copies of Simulink to go with this but all copies are now sold and the product is no longer available from the publisher.

The complete list of books and prices is available at or you can mail us at where we always welcome suggestions for new titles.

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