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Welcome to the CERN Quiz Show

compiled by Hannes Schwarzbauer , IT/User Support

Please note that to have a better understanding of the situation we will use italic font for the instructions given by the moderator.

Here we have 3 candidates: A, B and C. As you all know, I'll ask them some CERN related questions.

Whoever thinks he knows the answer first, presses the red button, all right? But remember, answers will have to be given within 3 seconds! When a wrong reply is given, the other candidates also get a chance to answer.

Ok here we go, are you ready for the first question? Here it is, a bit of CERN history: Which operating system was run in the late eighties' on the supercomputer called CRAY?

I see candidate A, you have pressed the button first?

A: Unicos

Moderator: No sorry I've got a different answer on my sheet here. Candidate B?

B: Well....the Cray...that was a long time ago...

Moderator: Sorry but you have to answer within 3 seconds. Candidate C, do you happen to know?

C: Linux

Moderator: No. The correct answer is CERNVM. Here's the next question: Who is appointed by Council, usually for five years, manages CERN, is empowered to act in its name and is by tradition a scientist?

A: The Director General

Moderator: Nope. Candidate B?

B: Oh...a tricky one..well...

Moderator: Sorry time limit exceeded. C, do you know?

C: Linux

Moderator: No, the answer is Luciano Maiani. Next question: CERN staff members who are of non-French nationality and live in France are entitled to get green number plates on their cars. What do these plates start with? Candidate B, you've pressed the button first?

B: Well, are they all green?

Moderator: Sorry you must answer, not ask questions. A?

A: 431

Moderator: Wrong. C, do you know?

C: Linux

Moderator: The correct answer is GE or VD. Next question: Before reaching the year 2000, a considerable effort was made to eliminate a possible bug in some CERN computers. What was it called?

A: Y2K bug

Moderator: Wrong. B? Do you know the answer?

B: Oh well, I've heard of it, but...

Moderator: Too late. B, maybe you want to answer in French next time, if easier for you? C?

C: Linux

Moderator: Wrong. Next question: CERN is the only international organization that is built on Swiss and French soil. What is the part called that is built in France?

A: Lab 2

Moderator: Wrong again, you're not doing well. B?

B: Bah...bien...m'enfin...

Moderator: Time exceeded, again, sorry. C, what about you?

C: Linux

Moderator: No, the correct reply would have been Prevessin. Now here's the last question for this time:

What is the Unix-based, user-friendly computing system that can be used as freeware at CERN and was designed by Linus Torvalds in Helsinki a few years ago?

I see, candidate C, you've pressed the button first - surely an easy one for you, isn't it?

C: Windows NT

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