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Service Handbook for the Desktop Support Contract with IT Division

Mattias Larsson , Teamleader of the Desktop Support Contract from WM-data

The Desktop Support Contract has been running since January 1999 to offer help to the users at CERN with problems that occur with their desktop computers. The contract is run conjointly by the Swedish company WM-data and the Swiss company DCS.

The contract is comprised of the Computing Helpdesk, General Service for all parts of CERN and also Local Service for divisions and groups that want faster response times and additional help with their specific computer environment.

In order to describe what services are being offered, and also to give a better understanding of the structure of the contract, a Service Handbook has been created. The intended audience for the Service Handbook is everyone that is using the contract, i.e. users, managers and also the service staff inside the contract. In the handbook you will find what help you can get from the contract, how to get in touch with the contract, and also what response times you can expect. Since the computer environment at CERN is an ever-changing entity, the Service Handbook will be continuously updated with new services and new supported areas.

The first edition of the Service Handbook is available on the Web now and can be found on the following URL:

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