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Red Hat 6.1 now Certified

Lionel Cons , IT/PDP

I am pleased to announce that the CERN customised version of Red Hat 6.1 (CRH 6.1) is now certified. The usual CERN UNIX environment (AFS, SUE, ASIS, compilers, CERNLIB, LHC++, LSF...) has been heavily tested in the past months and works very well with only very few exceptions.

The advantages of this version compared to the previously certified one (5.1) are multiple:

From now on, linuxsoft:/redhat/pro will point to this version while linuxsoft:/redhat/old will point to the CERN Red Hat 5.1 version.

We currently have some problems with Objectivity (we are working on them) so Objectivity users may want to wait a couple of weeks before upgrading their systems. If you do not use Objectivity, feel free to upgrade to CRH 6.1: this is now _the_ recommended version of Linux for CERN.

If you want more information, please go to certification pages:
or to the CERN Linux pages:
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